4 Crazy And Adventurous Things To Do At Lake Toba


  1. Purchase and Ulos at Lumban Suhi-Suhi Village
    The enchanting village of Suhi-Suhi is renowned for the traditional Batak clothing known as Ulos. These beautiful cloths are handmade on looms. They make for great souvenirs for family members back home, or just something for yourself. If you’re intrigued in local civilization then I’d definitely recommend a visit to Suhi-Suhi Village as it’s one of the nice things to do at Lake Toba.

    2. Visit The Ancient Court of Ambarita
    Ambarita is a historical village on Samosir island. It is famed for its 300-years-old ‘stone seat courtyard’. It had been here, the elders and the rulers of the surrounding villages held council within the fate of criminals, who had been often decapitated and thrown into the lake. A grisly ending to a bad deed. It’s an intriguing place to visit if you’re looking for things to do at Lake Toba.

    3. Taste the Food at Tomok Village
    It is always good to go on a food adventure throughout your journeys. Mie Gomak is a traditional curry noodle dish and totally yummy. If you’re into fish you’ll love the sweet water fish Pora Pora. The Batak people are mainly christians and love pork dishes, so be sure to try the broiled steak with Andaliman spices. If you’re a muslim be wary of the Saksan curry, which are often cooked with the raw blood of beans.

    4. Trek to the Top of Pusuk Buhit
    Pusuk Buhit rises 1,972 meters above sea level. The mountain is revered in Batak culture. According to legend it is the birthplace of the Batak King and in which the Batak tribe originated from. It may take around 5 hours to hike to the peak of Pusuk Buhit. The enchanting 360 degrees view of the island and the neighboring lake from the crest of Pusuk Buhit will blow you away.