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Addiction and How to Face the Problem

Addiction is a grave situation that it is tough for a person to face his or her problem and go into a treatment centre, but even tougher on how to successfully come out of an addiction program. It is well noted that addicts deny their being in this problem thereby also making it difficult for their friends and family members to send them to treatment programs that would fit to their situations. And since these people who are addicted do not think they have this problem and do not need to undergo those addiction treatments, the success rate of treating them is low.

In order to help the condition of an addict, it is necessary to get the assistance of professionals and programs with focus on the treatments of an addictive behaviour. There is a medical specialty that concentrates on how to treat and resolve addictive behaviours and this is addiction medicine. In this field of specialty, there is an incorporation of several disciplinary approaches to addiction medicine. The support of social services and mental health specialists are often needed by the patient on top of his or her medical supervision, so that the surrounding issues relating to the addictive behaviours experienced by the addict will be addressed. Examples of elements that addiction medicine specialists would address to are the processes of withdrawal, detoxification, harm reduction, rehabilitation and either group or individual interventions.

These addiction medicine specialists generally would supervise centres of rehabilitation where they have patients being supported while undergoing withdrawal from the addictive element. The patient entered in a comprehensive rehabilitation program will engage in both individual and group therapy sessions so that the underlying psychological issues leading to the addictive behaviour of the person will be addressed to.

Your first move in finding a good addiction medicine specialist is to go to a primary care doctor. While the addict is undergoing the withdrawal process, a family doctor will be there to help clarify the matter of support, from medical to nutritional and psychological, that the patient needs. Your next move is to see if the doctor’s professional credentials are fit to be an addiction medicine specialist. Together with checking out the credentials of the doctor, you are advised to check with the facility if they accept insurance payments or only accepts patients on the basis of self-payment method. The approval on the number of days or weeks that the patient can stay in the rehabilitation facility will be given by the insurance company to the family.

If an individual is suffering from addiction of drugs, alcohol and other behavious, he or she would need a substantial amount of psychological and medical support. As the patient is undergoing withdrawal process, seeking the help and support of a qualified and experienced specialist is very important to the condition.

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